Service fee

We do not charge a single dollar up-front for all the time and hard work that goes into each and every account we promote.

We design, build and maintain every site we make live for every client.

The way the service charge is split (per month), is that the client keeps 15% of all the monies made using our program, so yes 85% of the income generated is the service charge (this % is taking into consideration that we do not charge any up front costs for all the hard work and effort that goes into getting the account to the promoting stage) with the full design and promotion of the new site that in return increases your earnings, all of this adds up to a lot of our time and money spent on getting you earning more with your AdSense account.

We are fully compliant with the Google AdSense™ Ads policy.

Google and Google AdSense™ are registered trademark of Google Inc.

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