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My account is new, can I still join Income Together?

We can work with new accounts but we prefer working on PIN verified accounts. The reason is that the risk of getting a non-pin verified
account banned is high. We are careful while working with new accounts as well. The traffic is normally slower for new accounts so as to avoid any risk.

However, you may still, if you wish, sign up with new accounts and get your account PIN verified while we start the promotion.

What will I benefit from Income Together?

After joining our program, you receive 15% share from the earnings made. And this is for absolutely no efforts/investment from you. Also, all the earnings from your own website(s) are 100% yours.

We build website, purchase traffic packages, maintain and optimize, completely at our expense. You do not pay for this. You only pay for our services which is the remaining 85%.

You will notice the growth in your AdSense revenue within a few months of starting.

How can I join Income Together?

After you have filled in the simple quiz on our website, we will receive the details of your account.

Our team member will contact you shortly through email or phone and explain about our program.

After understanding the program, if you find it interesting then you just have to sign an agreement with us to go ahead.The agreement will be that you agree we will promote your account with our website and split the income received from AdSense.

Once we have received the signed agreement from you, you do not have to do anything. We will do the rest for you.

We will go through your account and check if it is fit for promotion. If it is, then we start promoting your account and you will start seeing the growth in your AdSense income in few months.

If you have any queries, you can contact us anytime.

How to turn off 2 step verification for your AdSense account

  1. Click on “My Account” under your name.

  1. Click on “Signing in to Google”


  1. Here, you can turn off the 2-step verification, as shown in the image below

  1. Under “Account recovery options” you can add your Recovery email and phone

How to manage user access to your account?

There may be times when you have to share your account with your business partners or friends, or you may be managing a website as a team and using a single AdSense login ID to see the stats. To all such users who share their AdSense account with someone, the AdSense team has added a feature where you can invite trusted colleagues or partners to sign in to your AdSense account.

Currently, there are only two levels of user permissions that can be granted: admin and standard users. Both types of users have full access to the AdSense interface, but only Administrators can add or remove users.

When you add a new user to manage/access your AdSense account with admin rights, he can do the following:

  • Edit and manage any part of the account
  • Add or remove users
  • See the list of users who have access to your AdSense account

Standard AdSense users cannot see the list of users who have access to your AdSense account, and they cannot add or remove any existing users. These abilities can be useful when you want to give someone access to your AdSense account with limited permissions.

At the start, your access level for your account is set to ‘Administrator’. You can invite other people to access your account, designate them as Administrators or Standard users, and later change these settings if needed.

So, with feature, you can manage and share your AdSense account in a more efficient way.


Also, refer for more information.

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Do you want to know how much you can earn with Google AdSense ?

Do you want to know how much you can earn with Google AdSense ?