IncomeTogether’s referral program

Here at IncomeTogether, we offer you the opportunity to become an affiliate and the chance to become part of the bigger team, by entering into our referral program.

By entering into our program, and in turn spreading the word of what we do and how we do it, along with this you can give your own experiences with our earning program.

What you will get out of this program,

Step one you will get your own personal affiliate tracking link to the online quiz, what this means is that you can provide your link to your contacts; they then take the online quiz.

When somebody use your link for the quiz this is then recorded that you have referred them on our quiz results screen (we will then provide you with an email copy of their results for your records)

How and what you will earn from the program,

Top-level referral

(This means you refer Mr Smith and he signs up)

You will earn 5% from the income we generate from the clients that you have referred.

So for an example – we generate $2000 in a particular account per month, the client gets 15% and you get 5% from what we earn, $2000 (15% for the client = $300) and 5% for you = $85 per month

So lets say you refer 5 active clients $85 x 5 = $425 per month

Second-level referral

(This means that Mr Smith (who signed) has then passed it on to Mrs Smith who then signs)

You will earn 2% from the income we generate from the 2nd level client.

So for example – we generate $2000 in this account, the clients get 15% and you get 2% from what we earn, $2000 (15% for the client = $300) and 2% for you = $40

So your referrals refer 25 active clients $40 x 25 = $1000 per month

Total for example: $1425 per month for only recruiting 5 clients that each of them will recruit 5 clients.

If you are planning on joining the team, please Contact us and we want to welcome you to the family.

Terms monthly based payments as long as either the affiliate is a client and/or you bring a minimum of one client per month.

Learn more about how to become an IncomeTogether super affiliate

IncomeTogether Team

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